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Winning Relationships.

Clients Aren’t Happy With Suppliers

Buyers and Sellers coming together to create Winning Relationships.

Clients: Keep more value in their supply chain by continuously tuning supplier performance.

Suppliers: Keep happier customers for a longer term.


In most business relationships, if the client’s not happy – no one’s happy.  NET(net) client research validates this disenfranchisement between technology buyers and suppliers:


Clients Rate Supplier Relationships

winwin relationships graphs clients rate supplier relationships


Increasingly challenged with fewer resources but tasked to get more done, clients now more than ever need to have better supplier relationships.  IT organizations should strive to leverage their suppliers for competitive advantage, but poor supplier performance, managed with anecdotal evidence and tools, will inevitably lead to sub optimized relationships for both parties:

  • Client and Supplier goals not aligned
  • Client ROI or business case objectives not achieved
  • Missed SLA’s
  • Contractual terms not met
  • Invoicing incorrect
  • Sales/Service unresponsive


Very few enterprises actually have the process or tools to execute on SSM (strategic supplier management):  


Clients Engaged in Active Strategic Supplier Management

winwin relationships graphs clients engaged in active strategic management


Suppliers as Collaborators


What separates highly successful client-supplier relationships from the majority that need improvement?  The answer is WIN(win)’s TEBPaaS (Technology Enabled Business Process as a Service) around Strategic Supplier Management.Powered by NET(net)’s Federated Market Intelligence, WIN(win) targets four functional areas for clients and suppliers to focus on:

  1. Supplier Performance Management (SPM)
  2. Supplier Contract Management (SCM)
  3. Supplier Financial Management (SFM)
  4. Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)


Using WIN(win)’s Key Performance Indicators, Service Level Agreements, and Watchlists – all based on NET(net)’s extensive market experience, will turn the tide on suffering client-supplier relationships.


By proactively managing the agreement, the investment, and the relationship with your supplier, on average, clients realize 34% more value and benefits, and avoid 22% increased cost and risk. That represents a 56% overall improvement!


Working with suppliers within WIN(win)’s
SSM framework delivers value for all parties.

 winwin relationships graphs ssm


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