Winning Markets. 

Winning Relationships.

The Market for buying and selling IT products and services is broken.

Buyers and Sellers coming together to create Winning Markets.

Clients: Find the suppliers that have the solutions you want, with the capabilities you need.
Suppliers: Find more qualified prospects, and get more deals with the clients you want.


With the explosion of new technologies and solutions, sourcing the right IT supplier can seem like you're swimming alone in an ocean of new and changing options.  What was on premise yesterday, is Cloud today.  What was ‘standard corporate issue’ is becoming ‘bring your own device’. So while technology becomes more virtualized, the need to make better decisions is not. 


Conversely, technology suppliers are struggling more than ever to break through the ‘noise’ in the marketplace to find new clients.  With the emergence of Cloud choices like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, ERPaaS, BaaS, HaaS, TEBPaaS, and many more – it’s no wonder technology companies will spend billions in marketing to try and reach new buyers through the media clutter.  Cloud Technology marketers alone are poised to increase their budgets 3x for 2014.


The Spam box is always full.


As an enterprise, finding the right IT supplier typically has less to do with vendor emails and online advertisements, and more to do with days, weeks, and in some cases, years of research and RFx processes.  Downloading a white paper or case study from a supplier can be daunting, as you likely run the risk of getting inundated with marketing messages and phone calls.  Remaining anonymous when it’s convenient for you - may be impossible.


IT Suppliers on the other hand, are tasked with finding new ways to attract and educate IT Buyers who are already suspicious and desensitized to most forms of marketing.  As a supplier, you’re spending more on marketing budgets, and getting less to show for it – all at a time when there is more to say.  Incumbent suppliers are changing, newcomers are…..well, new – and buyers need to hear what they have to say in order to make the right decisions.  


Disrupt the market – Make the market – WIN(win) the market.


The dynamics of how technology is found, vetted, and negotiated is being disrupted.  The cloud has changed how technology works, and now it’s going to change how we discover and buy it.  WIN(win) is the market disruptor and new market enabler that will turn counterparties into collaborators.  


WIN(win) provides a Technology Enabled Business Process as a Service (TEBPaaS) that enables clients to:

  • Precisely match technology projects to the right suppliers with WIN(win)’s proprietary matching engine 
  • Evaluate solutions based on an objective scoring and selection process
  • Leverage NET(net)’s Federated Market Intelligence to capture true value of supplier offerings
  • Compare suppliers and solutions side by side with your project team and stakeholders
  • Engage suppliers anonymously – lift the veil when you’re ready
  • Provide an audit trail that provides maximum and instant transparency throughout all levels of the organization
  • Network privately with peers on technology, suppliers and products


WIN(win) provides suppliers with a model to reach new and existing clients at the precise moment they need you - with a platform to communicate directly to them:

  • Capture 1:1 lead to valid opportunity ratio
  • Review projects that have been matched directly to your offerings
  • Engage directly with buyers who are seeking you out
  • Assign and manage project opportunities
  • Showcase entire product catalog
  • Manage your channel partners 


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