Winning Markets. 

Winning Relationships.

About WIN(win)

WIN(win) is the world's only fully technology-enabled and automated business process for both strategic sourcing and strategic supplier performance management of the professional supply chain and is available to everyone from do it yourselfers – looking for a tool to improve their own performance, to business executives – looking for an outsourced and fully managed performance based solution, and is offered via a SaaS subscription or a monthly service fee respectively.

WIN(win) brings buyers and sellers together to create winning markets and brings clients and suppliers together to create winning relationships.

WIN(win) provides a strategic sourcing portal for the discovery, analysis, evaluation, social vetting, and selection of supplier solutions. Buyers find sellers that have the capabilities they need, and sellers find qualified buyers who are actively looking for their solutions.

WIN(win) also provides a strategic supplier performance management portal that helps clients and suppliers maximize the performance of the agreement, the investment, and the relationship between the parties, resulting in improved partnerships, greater accountability for results, and long term sustainability.




Find suppliers that have the solutions you want

Get the realization of value and benefits you need

Keep and manage more value in your supply chain





Find the qualified prospects you are looking for

Get more deals with the serious buyers you want

Keep better, happier customers for the long term



Meet Our Management Team

The WIN(win) Management team is a diverse and complimentary group of leaders having executive experience in Software and Product Development, Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Customer Service. Coupled with that experience, is an established track record of starting and growing companies that are not only relevant – but market changing.


Steve Zolman
Managing Director


Kellsey Le


Dexter Siglin
Client Service Manager


Tim Harper
Service Delivery Manager

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