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Winning Markets


With the explosion of new technologies and solutions, sourcing the right IT supplier can seem like you're swimming alone in an ocean of new and changing options. What was on premise yesterday, is Cloud today.

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Winning Relationships


In most business relationships, if the client’s not happy – no one’s happy. Increasingly challenged with fewer resources but tasked to get more done, clients now more than ever need better supplier relationships.

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Supplier Contract Management (SCM)

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Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

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Supplier Financial Management (SFM)

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Supplier Performance Management (SPM)

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Keeping Value In My Agreements

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  • Some of Our Buyer Solutions

    “We have used WIN(win) to capture more value in our strategic sourcing efforts and retain more value in our strategic supply chain and the results have been brilliant. Not only are we getting the right solutions for our business at market best pricing and with industry leading terms and conditions, we are also proactively managing the ongoing strategic value from our supply chain across our agreements, investments and relationships via WIN(win).”

    John Kent, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, JT Global





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Case Studies

How F500 Manufacturer will Reduce Cost of Managing Suppliers by Implementing WIN(win)

The Watchlist capability of WIN(win) enables organizations to manage suppliers by tracking clauses in their respective contracts that can lead to problems in the future. By using the Watchlist component in WIN(win), you can cut down on cost and value leakage that you would have incurred should such clauses come into effect. This Manufacturer found itself in a tricky situation when a clause in the agreement eroded benefits accrued from their initial contract with SAP-Deloitte.


WIN(win) Streamlines Agreement between Online Travel Engine and Telecom Provider

Business rates can be affected by external considerations that may not have been factored in during negotiations between buyers and sellers. After negotiations rates may increase or decrease depending on agreement terms, but In either case, invoices sent to the buyer should reflect these changes. If rates go down but invoices are not updated to reflect the difference, the buyer ends up being overcharged. This is what happened between the Online Travel Engine and Large Telecommunications Provider.


Large Hotel Chain Manages Scope Creep Using WIN(win)

Scope creep is a common occurrence in project management. While it is not always a bad idea to add more features to a product, doing so can cripple the entire project with delays and unexpected rise in cost. Even when the project has been defined, objectives set and milestones designated, some element of scope creep can still get traction.. How you deal with this situation will define the success of the project.

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